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ENDANGERED AND EXTINCT ANIMALS. EXTINCT. Extinct is when all animals of a kind are dead. DODO DINOSAUR. These animals died out of natural. Extinct Animals. Dodo. Extinct since mid to late 17th century; Lived on one tiny island. Passenger Pigeon. Once most common bird in North America; Flocks with . 20 Mar Here are some examples of animals that have become extinct: Dodo discovered on the Island of Mauritius in the s and was declared extinct less than a century later Endangered Species: Power Point Presentation.

18 Oct The quagga was the first extinct creature tohave its DNA studied. . Endangered Animals in India are listed below: Asiatic golden Fishing Cat cat Asian Gaur Elephant Other 82 animals are Endangered species powerpoint. 30 Nov A species becomes extinct when the last existing member of that species dies. Extinction There are more than 1, animal species endangered worldwide. There are . Endangered Animals Powerpoint[1]. Anil Kumar. animals threatened, endangered, or extinct? Lesson one. Threatened Species. A threatened species may soon become endangered. Examples include the.

Sort pictures or illustrations of animals into groups that are extinct and those that Dinosaurs, along with many other types of animals, are now extinct. A species of plant or animal that is in immediate danger of becoming extinct and needs A species is likely to become endangered if it is not protected. 3 Tasmanian tiger-wolf is an extinct wolf like carnivorous marsupial of Tasmania having stripes on its back. Despite its name, this animal is neither a tiger nor a. The purpose of this Instructional PowerPoint is to teach the students about animals that are endangered, threatened and extinct. Learning Objective: Classify. PowerPoint showing key extinct animals including dodo and woolly mammoth. Good starting point for background information on extinction. For higher abilities.


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